Section 25 and The Wake dvd’s

Three interesting dvd’s released by LTM Publishing:

  • The Wake – Live At The Hacienda 1983/84
  • 70 minute, 16 track Region 0 DVD featuring two complete live sets by The Wake at the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester, recorded in July 1983 and January 1984. Ikon promo clip for the single Talk About The Past is also included as a bonus. All footage has been carefully restored.

  • Section 25 – So Far
  • This dvd gathers rare live and studio footage from all stages of their career. The original post-punk trio are captured live at the ICA in London in June 1980, while the later five-piece electronic line-up at Minneapolis First Avenue in January 1985. In addition to these two complete concerts, extracts from shows at Chicago Metro, Manchester Hacienda and London Riverside are also included, as well as studio clips for tracks including New Horizons and Looking From a Hilltop. Region 0, 5.1 sound, NTSC format, 2 hours 30 minutes of footage.

  • Umbrellas in the sun
  • This dvd borrows its title from the 1981 video compilation of the same name released by Belgian indie label Les Disques du Crepuscule (TWI 099), and features selected clips from that project, as well as clips from A Factory Video (Fact 65), A Factory Complication (FBN 7) and A Factory Outing (Fact 71) plus previously unseen material. The DVD contains 23 rare clips filmed between 1979 and 1987 and runs for over 2 hours. The audio soundtrack to all studio clips have been digitally remastered. The disc is Region 0 (multi-region), NTSC format. Featuring Durutti Column, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order, Minny Pops, Tuxedomoon and many more.