Segerhuva: Blood Ov Thee Christ reissue

Segerhuva is happy to announce the re-release of the tape "Master control" by Blood Ov Thee Christ on CD. Master Control contains the original c-60 plus a 10 minute bonustrack recorded in 1988. Cover and MP3 samples are available at the Segerhuva website.

From the liner notes by Tommy Olsson:
"Master Control was meant to hurt, and it did. It still does. Now 20 years later it comes across as a work of true and deeply original vision. Even better than the first time. Obviously it takes its departure from the Iphar/Whitehouse/Broken Flag-tradition, but rapidly takes a weird turn and ends up somewhere else; at the very edge of a completely unknown territory. The unspeakable mad landscapes of HP Lovecraft seems to be one point of reference, snuffmovies by Brazilian deathsquads another. And plenty of attitude in between."