Segerhuva presents: Sweetness will overcome

The first Segerhuva compilation is a massive 74-minute budget priced CD with a 20-page booklet in jewelcase. “Sweetness will overcome” contains a solid mix of sounds, “from the most punishing ultra-harsh electronics, via the primitively thuggish all the way to the cocktail-sipping arty”. Both well known and newer groups are present, mainly from Sweden, but also from Finland and Japan. All tracks are new and exclusively recorded for this compilation.
Contributing artists: Sewer Election, Koeff, Skin Area, Mnem, Jarl, Moljebka Pvlse, Institut, Government Alpha, Sharon’s Last Party, Treriksr?set, IRM, Ochu, Martin Bladh, Irgun Z’wai Leumi, Barrikad and Blod. Mp3 samples are available.