Shinjuku Thief, des Esseintes and Contrastate on Fin de Siècle

Shinjuku Thief is preparing for his first European mini-tour, with February dates in Rostock (11), Stockholm (12), London (18) and Antwerp (19). Two brand new Fin de Siècle Media releases will be made available in time for the tour:
FDS 11 des Esseintes/E.P.A. – AZ50HD CDEP
FDS 12 Shinjuku Thief – Sacred Fury CD

Before summer, Fin de Siècle Media will also release two albums by the legendary experimental act Contrastate. The first is a reissue of their deleted debut LP “Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers” (1989). The second will be a compilation of compilation tracks and exclusive material. Furthermore the des Esseintes debut CD “Les Diaboliques” will be released by Malignant Records.