Short Cuts (03-04-2006)

discs.jpgQuick news roundup:, Belborn, Death in June, Substantia Innominata, Essentia Mundi, Construct.Destroy.Collective, Topheth Prophet, Viva Hate Records, Niko Scorpio, Accelera Deck.

  1., a valuable music information source since 1999, has removed its old site from the net. But it seems as if it will continue in an elegant new shape! Read the statement at Lichttaufe.
  2. Speaking of endings: German neofolk band Belborn offers just the message R.I.P. on their website, so I assume they have ceased their activities. Or could it be a April fool’s day joke?
  3. Tesco USA announces the release of Death in June: live in New York. This dvd was recorded in New York in November 2002 and features a career-spanning collection of
  4. Drone Records has a new sublabel: Substantia Innominata. It will harbour a 10″ series based on the various aspects related to “The Unknown”. First releases are Radiant Blood by Daniel Menche and Magnamnemonicon by Asia Nova.
  5. Label/distro Essentia Mundi releases the cd-r compilation “Frozen Light”. It’s a conceptual album about light, resulting in ten dark ambient and drone soundscapes, including work by Nexus Sun and Objekt 4 / Wolfskin.
  6. Construct.Destroy.Collective, specialized in ‘ostblock industrial sounds’, presents a 3″ cd-r by Deutsche Stereo Klangfahrt from Bratislava.
  7. Tan!Kaven!!Ash!!! and Topheth Prophet present NoiseMass 2005. This is a limited cd-r with live recordings of power electronics/noise acts from Israel, including The Crossfishes, a collective with members of Agnivolok, Chaos As Shelter and Grundik + Slava.
  8. Viva Hate Records announces a series of new releases for May/June: Nortt – Ligfaerd (picture disc LP), Leviathan – The Speed of Darkness (LP), Troum (7″), House of Low Culture (7″).
  9. Escape from Heaven, the new album by Niko Skorpio, will be released in
    April on Some Place Else. Tracks from the album which pays homage to early industrial can be listened to in advance at and
  10. There is a new Accelera Deck cd out on Scarcelight Recordings with the title A Landslide of Stars. The band is now starting with a US tour.