Short Cuts (20-04-2006)

discs.jpgQuick news roundup:
Eibon Records, Hymen Records, NCC Records, Ewers Tonkunst, Dorobo, Angle.Rec., Radiotarab, Dystonia recordings, Garten Der Asche, Tosom.

  1. Eibon Records has two new dark ambient releases out: Oolhon – “Sinkhole” and Konau – “Speech from the shadows”.
  2. Two fresh Hymen Records releases: Hecate – Brew Hideous (12″) and Snog. Vs. The Faecal – Juggernaut Of Mass Culture (cd).
  3. Out in May on NCC Records is “Pure skin” by Navicon Torture Technologies, the first full length cd release from NTT since 2004’s The Arrow and the Wound.
  4. Out on Ewers Tonkunst is Coniunctio by Cisfinitum, a 2xCD compilation of early recordings by this prolific Russian industrial project.
  5. A new Shinjuku Thief album has been released on Dorobo, it’s entitled “Devolution”. It’s Verhagen’s 4th soundtrack for the Australian Dance Theatre.
  6. Angle.Rec. also has two new discs available: Grkzgl – Esque (mini cd) and The Missing Ensemle – Hidden Doors (cd).
  7. Radiotarab announces a new item coming soon: Maurizio Bianchi MB & Telepherique – “The House Of Mourning”.
  8. An drug-inspired compilation on on Dystonia recordings: C21 H23 NO5: Diacetylmorphin. Artists involved are Tardive Dyskinesia, Atrox & Ms’sm, The Musick Wreckers, Leiche Rustikal and Control. More info in this forum post.
  9. South African EBM newcomers Garten Der Asche are proud to announce their debut album “Born from the Ashes”.
  10. Three experimental / industrial cd-r releases on the German label Tosom: Flutwacht / Synomorph – Fragrance Of Blood, Stillstand – Schauer and Roy-Arne Knutsen – Silence