Sigur Rós: album + single

The title of the new Sigur Rós album is "Takk…", which is Icelandic for "thanks". It will be released september 12th on EMI Records. The first single is called "Gl?s?li".

Apparently the new album is "a bit more happy, with a bit more hope in it. the lyrics are small adventures, maybe like children’s stories or something. i think the songs are quite simple and naïve and they have a central character to them."

The first single of "Takk…" is "Gl?s?li", released through download only. Since August 15th you are to buy the song online in mp3 format through a new official Sigur Rós site, From August 16th, fans in North America can buy a different song, "Sægl?pur".

In September starts a tour of the USA and Canada, followed by about two dozen European dates, including one in Tilburg on the 7th of November.