Skinny Puppy come-back

  • Skinny Puppy – The Greater Wrong Of The Right

    Eight years after their last complete work ( “The Process” released in 1996 ) Skinny Puppy have kept their promise, returning with “The Greater Wrong Of The Right.

    “The experiments of the past few years have not been forgotten or faded out : in their condensed, highly energetic form they influence an album that impresses first and foremost with its energy, power and stringency. Although all the elements of the Skinny Puppy history have been integrated into these ten new tracks, their complexity and divergence develop little by little in typical Skinny Puppy style.”

    1. I’mmortal
    2. Pro-test
    3. EmpTe
    4. Neuwerld
    5. Ghostman
    6. dOwnsizer
    7. Past Present
    8. Use Less
    9. Goneja

    Evin Key + nivek Ogre
    With Guests:
    Danny Carey ( TOOL ): Acoustic Drums on track 8
    Wayne Static ( STATIC X ): Second vocal on track 8
    Statik ( COLLIDE ): synthesis / programming on tracks 1/2/3/6/8
    Omar Torres: synthesis / programming on tracks 2/5/7/ tail of 4
    Otto Von Schirach: sound design on tracks 1 and 9, synthesis / programming tail of 5
    Cyrus Rex: synthesis / programming tail of track 9
    Dre Robinson: synthesis on track 10
    Pat Sprawl: Guitar on tracks 1/2
    Saki Kaskas: second guitar on track 8
    Traz Damji: synthesis on track 1