Skm-etr remix / live cdr

BFI-UNIT presents: SKM-ETR – BFI.01 [cdr]
A collection of remixes and live tracks of skm-etr’s work to date. Packaged in a card stock sleeve with full art on both sides, black on black cdr and 2 inserts. Mastered at Misanthrope Studio by Thomas Garrison.

01. just another cunt (i can taste you already remix by Loss)
02. gas blistered lips (Azoikum remix)
03. sermon of vermin (scene of slaughter remix by The Cherry Point)
04. thana.45 (Fanny remix)
05. sainthood (raping a saint remix by Navicon Torture Technologies)
06. human speed bumps (Jaymez remix)
07. just another cunt (Venetian Snares remix)
08. sermon on the mount of flies remix by SICKNESS
09. gas blistered lips (Live 09-12-03)
10. human speed bumps (Live 01-30-04)
11. sainthood (Live 01-30-04)

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