Slaughter in Art: new label

Slaughter in Art is a new French label devoted to industrial & noise music. They started with two sold-out cd-r’s by Die Macht and Tribe of Circle.
Their latest martial sounding releases are “Blut Unter den Fahnen” by Die Macht (LP), “Vorw√§rts : Freiheit : Europa” by Les Affres de la Mort (LP) and “Black Industrial Pornography” by Baron Saturne (DVD). Sound samples are available on the website.


  1. haha nice, perhaps you alongside the above praise for Slaughter in Art tell how they’ve lost bands that they signed already due to fucking them around and not following up on any of their promises.

  2. Praise? I just posted that there is a new label with new releases. The inside information that you refer to is not something I could know. Perhaps the label wants to give their view on the matter too.