SmallVoices: Bianchi and Kinetix

SmallVoices summer releases:
Maurizio Bianchi – A M.B. Ienh Tale" CD. Lim. edition of 500 copies.
"The brand new release of Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.). Similar to his early experimental bionic – industrial works like "The Plain Truth", "Armaghedon", "Endometrio" and "Carcinosi", this album presents eight decomposed tracks with slow, obscure and meditative music.Cold atmospheres and reverberating piano."

Kinetix – "White rooms" 2CD digipak multi-set
"Kinetix is the new moniker of Gianluca Becuzzi (LIMBO). Kinetix second official release on SmallVoices, "White Rooms" is a work which conjugates radical electronica and expressive power in a formula made of stylised and very personal minimalist sound-design. The relationships between physical space and acoustic space constitute the main theme of this double-CD, packaged in an elegant digipak."