Sol Invictus compilation

Sol Invictus – The Giddy Whirls of Centuries

After the excellent tribute on Cynfeirdd now a ‘best of’ will be relesased by World Serpent, compiling about 2 decades of Sol Invictus.

In the words of Tony Wakeford:
“This double CD is an attempt to introduce my work for those dipping their toe into my musical CV. I suggest you buy all my CDs, but those too cheap or lazy can at least get a taste of what most of the world’s population are happily unaware of.

The tiny percentage that do know my work will no doubt argue, Talmud-like, about what has been included and excluded. All I can say is that this was the choice of wiser heads then mine alone.”

Both CDs contain hitherto unreleased material as hidden tracks. Available Monday 23 September.