solo releases by Remanence member

  • Aperus – “tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure” cd

    “Inspired by the obscured photographs resulting from camera problems during a trip to New Mexico, Remanence’s Brian McWilliams embarks on his first solo outing. Drawing a parallel with his photographic adventure, ‘tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure’ questions the role that control and surrender play in the unfolding of the creative process.

    Musically, the album explores the meeting point between harshness and light, wandering the borderland between bleak, stark beauty and melodic serenity. Packaged in a DVD case, the album features striking organic artwork and includes a printed velum envelope containing original photos from the New Mexico trip that inspired the release.”

  • Aperus – “hinterland 3” cd
    “I’ve also decided to release a companion e.p. entitled “hinterland” containing alternate versions and one unreleased track from the “tumbleweed” album. The artwork for “hinterland” owes some debt to the gorgeous 3″ cd’s released on the Italian label Amplexus.”
    Both releases will be available in September. Distributed by