Something new under the KC sun

kc_cs1.jpg Available from Kirlian Camera is Coroner’s Sun, the follow-up to Invisible Front (2004). The new album on Trisol contains 10 new tracks, as well as a bonus cd with 7 remixes by the likes of Wumpscut: and Punto Omega.

Apparently “the new work combines Kirlian Camera’s typical electro sound with dark poly-hymns which give Elena’s voice more room for development than the preceding album.”

According to the KC website, the first limited edition of 2000 copies in A5 digipack (with bonus cd, extensive booklet, A3 poster and sticker) is already sold out. Some mailorders still stock it though. Otherwise you’ll have to do with the second edition, also with bonus cd and a different poster (but without a sticker).

I could not find any online listening examples of Coroner’s Sun yet. As a consolation, you can download some old live recordings and rare tracks at the German KC tribute site.