Somnambulant changes course

The US industrial label “Somnambulant Corpse” calls itself simply Somnambulant Records from now on. After having released many cdr’s they now move into a new phase of evolution with professionally duplicated CD-Rs, pressed CDs, and vinyl.

Somnambulant is proud to announce the release of their first pro-duplicated CD-R under their new moniker:

  • Various Artists – “XII Caesars”
    A psychoacoustic investigation of “The Twelve Caesars” as immortalized by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus. From Julius (49 BC) to Domitian (96 AD). 145 years of treachery, brutality, spectacle and debauchery. A rogue’s gallery of ancient dictators. The medium is experimental electronics: noise, dark ambient, death industrial, power electronics. Nine exclusive tracks by artists as varied as the subject matter: Exsanguinate, Tugend, Murderous Vision, Bestia Centauri, Post Scriptvm, Survival Unit, Ond, Axone and Marspiter. Also includes the debut track from a new collaborative project between Axone & Marspiter: The Great Despisers.

    Accompanying this release is a series of original graphite portraits of the Caesars on heavy cardstock by Chris Donovan.

    EXSANGUINATE – “Julius Caesar, dictator”
    TUGEND – “Augustus”
    MURDEROUS VISION – “Tiberius”
    BESTIA CENTAURI – “Gaius (Caligula)”
    POST SCRIPTVM – “Claudius”
    SURVIVAL UNIT – “The Year of Four Emperors”
    OND – “Titus”
    AXONE – “Domitian”
    MARSPITER – “Epilogue (Ultor)”

    Also out are two re-issues to the new jewel-case format:

    MARSPITER – “Vigila”
    MURDEROUS VISION/KURU – “Blood-Brain Barrier”

    Also forthcoming is a new, full-length version of HABEEB’s “Il Cancello Della Morte”.