Songs from the Bunker

An interesting cd-r compilation on the Polish cd-r label Bunkier Productions: ‘”Songs From The Bunker”, with mainly neo-folk artists, from various countries.

1. Koavt: Death To The Infidels
2. Ritual Front: Dve Molnii (Two Lightnings)
3. The Arid Sea: Hanging
4. Alien Levi: Kapitulation
5. Necropropagand: Patrie, Gloire Et Honneur
6. The Blue Hour: Night
7. Storm Of Capricorn: They Were History
8. Westwind: Tourmente (Pr?lude)
9. Weihan: Het Broedervolk
10. Der Krieg: Bunkier w Lesie
11. Cold Fusion: Devotions
12. Der Feuerkreiner: Novembertag
13. One For Jude: Helice
14. The Well Of Sadness: Glances
15. Ghosts Of Breslau: Best Boys Are Buried In The Ground
16. Morpheus: A Game In The Dark