Spectre explores Angst

ANGST – a Spectre compilation
S20 -2xCD
angst is an achievement… in this case it is… spectre’s ‘big boss’ summoned his demons to work towards a common goal: a sonic exploration of and into angst. the result : a monolith of diverse industrial atmospheres united in darkness and anxiety.

angst is :
mimetic, hypnoskull, okk-ulth, empusae, kraken, pal, 5F_55, iszoloscope, this morn’ omina, flint glass, def, leiche rustikal, feindbild.geraeuschdichte, hysteresis, hybryds, templegarden’s, m2, codetripper, ah cama-sotz, bad sector, salt, frames a second, ms gentur, stupor, project arctic, the [law-rah] collective.