SSR calls for submissions

As most starting labels do, SSR will also start its releases with a compilation. Actually it will be a series of 3 compilations, all dealing with a
specific theme.

  • SSRCDC001 v/a – Exposed to hostility
  • SSRCDC002 v/a – In order of Salvation
  • SSRCDC003 v/a – Stone disobidient children

    From this day on, we welcome submissions for our compilations. Or you do have one or more tracks which, to your estimation, would fit on the compilation, or you can make something dealing with the themes, as mentioned above.

    The genres/styles we are looking for are in the first place: noise, dark ambient, industrial, power electronics, experimental, avant-garde, neo-folk, medieval and such. If you think you have something that doesn’t fit in the categories above, don’t hesitate to send it anyway…

    Send your music on cdr (as an audio cd or wav-files; no mp3’s) to:
    Structural Suffering Recordings, Hoogstraat 65, B-9270 Laarne, BELGIUM
    More info? Email

    Structural Suffering Recordings: