Staupa Musica: medieval releases

Staupa Musica is a new label dedicated to ?unplugged? music with its origin in the Middle Ages. They start with a special re-release: a double digipak from medieval troubadours Corvus Corax. This set includes their latest release “Seikilos” (an exotic journey into music spanning 2 millennia played on medieval instruments), alongside the full length live DVD “Gaudia Vitae”. Both album and DVD were deleted for long due to the collapse of EFA distribution in early 2004.
Secondly Staupa Musica has made available Potentia Animi‘s debut “Das erste Gebet” outside the German amrket. It was already available on the German market, “Dramatic, heavy, choral and dark with a scary tension, that proclaims the end of days without using any plugged instruments.”