Steinklang labelnews

  • STURMPERCHT – St?rm ins Leben wild hinein!
    Percht 02
    180g high-fidelity vinyl-LP with foldout inlay housed in a original Salzburger Jagazaun box made of wood from the mysterious Untersberg. lim.edt. 375

    “Wild and weird Alpine-Folk with traditional lyrics taken from tales around the Austrian and south Bavarian mythology. The musical style and the lyrics vary from sad folky fairy-tales to rough martial battle hymns and from crazy rural drinking songs to ancient tales about strange animals and people living in the Austrian mountains and woods.”

  • RIHARC SMILES – The last green days of summer
    Ahnstern 11
    LP with full colour inlay lim.500
    “Brilliant middle-ages orientated progressive Folk! RIHARC SMILES are well known artists on middle-ages events all over this planet for more than 13 years now and AHNSTERN is very proud to introduce their ingenious vinyl debut! The music is perfectly recorded and produced, with a large variety of uncommon instruments and a fantastic male voice.
  • CODE 243 – Urban Guerilla
    Steinklang SK33
    LP lim. 500 / CDR lim. 100

    “Code 243 is the Industrial side of Peter S., the frontman and mastermind from A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR. This new project is a smashing mixture of good old Rhythm-Industrial, as Steinklang customers know from our earlier releases, with a strong touch of modern Power-Electronics and several fine samples, crowned by Peter’s psychedelic voice. This is 100% analogue agressive-guerilla-electronics with industrial-dancefloor guarantee.”