Stigmata magazine

After two years of silence the new issue of Stigmata is out. Expect `hard-core and provocative articles about cultural terrorism and post-industrial music`.

This time you can find interviews with BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, CONVERTER, CYCLOTIMIA, DIES NATALIS, IRM, IN GOVAN RING, LUSTMORD, KARNNOS, SPIRITUAL FRONT, ORPLID, DARK SANCTUARY, INSTRUCTSIA PO VIZIVANIU, PREDELLA AVANT, THE FROZEN AUTUMMN, A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR. Plus 6 pages about SPK, article about Joel-Peter Witkin, No Colours Records label-report and an interview with a leader of Belarusian skin-head organization. 150 huge in-depth CD and vinyl-reviews.

All that and more is carved on 76 A4 professionally offset-printed black-white pages. Buy a copy and you can get a CDR-compilation with Belarusian industrial/gothic/ dark ambient projects. The magazine is written in Russian! The price is 3 Euro.