Storm Records is back

Storm Records is back. After a hiatus of some years, the label is again active with a number of releases to appear in coming months. These will appear via the German distributor Tesco.

The first of these will be “Artifact,” a two-CD retrospective of the psychedelic industrial band FACTRIX (1979-1982). The first disc presents all their important studio recordings, and the second disc offers a selection of intense vintage live recordings and other material from the band’s archives. This will be packaged in a special cover and includes a 24 page booklet with myriad photos, visual ephemera, three sets of liner notes, and detailed information on the recordings. Much of the imagery is stunning and stark b/w photography from Ruby Ray and there are also rare color photographs from Monte Cazazza (who likewise appears on a number of the Factrix recordings).

The second new Storm release for this fall will be “Sovereignty” by Book + Sword. We have recently remastered the recordings for this CD in a state-of-the-art studio, and they sound better than ever. The material on this album is powerful electronic music and represents some of the final recordings by the band, whose protagonist sadly ended his own life shortly after completing these songs.

The third new Storm release will be “Barbara Carmina” by Sangre Cavallum. This album of “pagan songs” features aggressive and lilting militant folk music from northern Portugal and Galicia. We are extremely proud to be bringing out the band’s first release to a wider audience on CD. Sangre Cavallum has supported Blood Axis on both our tours in Portugal, often collaborating live on stage as well.

There are also plans underway for a retrospective live disc featuring material from the recent concerts of In Gowan Ring/Sangre Cavallum/Fire + Ice/LJDLP/Blood Axis in Portugal last fall.

All Storm releases will be readily available to Europe and the rest of the world through Tesco ( Tesco also
now has a very efficient US branch online at: