Sword Volcano Complex: split singles with Wyrm

The Sword Volcano Complex is currently working with the artist Wyrm (aka Allan Zane) on two 7" singles. The first of the 7" singles will be a split project.

The Sword Volcano Complex side will be a deep-listening track entitled "Malestrom 2", which is a companion piece to the "Malestrom" EP that was only issued privately a few years ago. The Wyrm side of this split 7" features a track with the working title of "Desultory Subterfuge Cipher" which has samples and effects by Bruce LaFountain as well.

The second 7" project will be a complete Wyrm release, but the two tracks "Abyss Antidote" and "Wrong Gede" have been retouched by The Sword Volcano Complex, with new samples and effects by Bruce LaFountain.