Taalem: July releases

There are two new releases from Taalem in July.
The first new 3" is Pholde‘s "in the subset of all elements" (alm 25). Pholde had various releases before, including one on Mystery Sea. "Deep scrapey metallic drones, simply beautiful…"
The second new 3" is Compest‘s "benu" (alm 26), the new metaproject of Martin Steinebach (Monoid, Stillstand, Conscientia Peccati). "His 20min track is a mix between tribal & ambient music with some heavier moments…"
Out on sublabel Kokeshidisk is Akifumi Nakajima – "water 1990". This work by Nakajima, better known as Aube, this work was composed in 1990 for an exhibition in Kyoto.