The Church: DVD

First issued on video in 1990, Goldfish (Jokes, Magic & Souvenirs) is the definitive collection of The Church‘s videos from beginning to breakthrough: music for the eyes spanning the band’s first decade, from the classic 1981 single ‘The Unguarded Moment’ to the 1988 hit ‘Under the milky way’. This deluxe DVD edition includes two additional songs: ‘Ripple’, from "Priest = Aura" and ‘Two Places At Once’ from 1994’s Sometime Anywhere. Available from Red Sun Records.


01. The Unguarded Moment
02. Bel-Air
03. Too Fast For You
04. Tear It All Away
05. Almost With You
06. A Different Man
07. Electric Lash
08. It’s No Reason
09. Fly
10. Constant In Opal
11. Tantalized
12. Columbus
13. Under The Milky Way
14. Reptile
15. Metropolis
16. You’re Still Beautiful
17. Ripple
18. Two Places At Once