The Fossil Dungeon (new titles: March / April)

THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK “Mirror of the Middle Ages” LP
The sixth album in advanced Vinyl format (CD version to be released during mid-to-late 2002 on World Serpent). TSBB’s most medieval work yet, published on thick 220 gram black vinyl with a full colour sleeve and gold ink.

HEXENTANZ “The Sabbat Comes Softly” 7inch EP
Collaborative project between members of TSBB and PSYCHONAUT 75, exploring the rituals and magic of medieval witchcraft. Published on thick 70 gram black vinyl with a silver and black sleeve.

DARK MUSE “Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel” CD
Haunting and ethereal music made with female voice, found objects, strings, and synths. A journey through empty corridors and dark spaces. Packaged in a multi-panel Digipak with extra silver ink.

Pagan influenced gothic rock with a retro-80’s feel. The perfect blend of haunting ethereal coupled with synth pop, in the vein of Attrition, Miranda Sex Garden, and Die Form. A promising new band from America! Packaged in a standard jewel case with “mirror” tray and full color booklet with silver ink!