The Sound: 5 live cd’s

Renascent announces the early July release of no less than 5 full-length live cd’s by The Sound. These concerts were recorded from 1981 to 1985 by Dutch radio and will be sold at mid-price.

The concerts involved are:

  1. Amsterdam, Paradiso- 8/3/81
  2. Utrecht, No Nukes Festival -9/4/82
  3. Arnhem, Stokvishal -24/1/83
  4. Den Haag, Parkpop Festival-1/7/84
  5. Utrecht, Vrije Vloer -9/4/85.

It were already busy times for Sound fans, with the iminent release of The Amsterdam Tapes by Adrian Borland and a tribute concert in Paradiso on Sunday the 4th of June 2006.

YouTube video: The Sound – Sense of purpose @ the old grey whistle test (1981)