Thelema: reissue and new album

Thelema, an Italian cult band, is back with two releases at once. A reissue of their first album Tantra (1986) as remastered cd with bonus tracks on In The Night Time, and the completely new album Burnt Memories on Small Voices.

Tantra is the reissue of Thelema‘s first record (1986) in a new edition with 7 extra tracks from the 1984-1987. The album has a dark-Italian-wave sound which had chosen to have no limits and, on the contrary, mixed in some songs flute and electric guitars.”

Burnt Memories is out as a digipack cd and as a limited double LP with 4 bonus tracks, including a cover of Death in June’s ‘Heaven street’. “Nothing remains of dark atmospheres of their early works. Gothic/rock sounds and experimental/industrial infuences are changed in favour of a new pop/folk attitude with dark/wave influences typical of the 80’s.”
MP3: New Dawn / Blissfully peaceful.