Three new releases on Ad Noiseam

Forthcoming releases on Ant-Zen:

  • Andrey Kiritchenko “Kniga Skazok” CD (adn23)
    The driving force behind most of today’s electronic music from Ukraine. Andrey Kiritchenko presents here his first and longest work to date under his own name. Letting behind the most obscure experimentations and atmospheric works he releases as Nihil Est Excellence and Sidharta, he goes back here to more gentle and subtle arrangements, seductive structures and precise compositions.
  • Uniform “Not a word” CD (adn24)
    Following his critically acclaimed “Irony is” album on Mute Records, the musician behind 2nd Gen presents here his new project, Uniform. The structure and foundation are strong and massive, but precise sounds come from everywhere, in a game of reverberation in which the listener is forced to take an active role.
  • Tarmvred and Iszoloscope “Do America” CD ep (adn25)
    Do America. Get coffee and heroin in Seattle. Get lost in parks in Portland. Go hippie and yuppie in San Francisco. Become a Mormon and an Olympic skier in Salt Lake City. Buy an oil drill in Dallas and a cowboy hat in San Antonio. Go deep at the heart of it all in Kansas City. Visit the Lockheed facilities and Columbine high school in Denver. Get a suntan in Phoenix. Become a movie star in LA. Do America. Tarmvred and Iszoloscope are doing America. Just a bunch of foreigners playing ping pong at 250 BPM.

    These 3 releases will be released worldwide on May 5th, but will be available at all the Tarmvred and Wilt shows in the USA in April.