Treue um Treue: death metal revisited

Out soon on Treue Um Treue:
V/A – “Todesblei salonfähig gemacht” (Tut003)
Ten heroes of contemporary electronic music pay tribute to the sounds which enchanted their tormented childhood: Death Metal anthems, Black Metal mayhem, Grindcore purulence and other riffs from Hell. Ten classics of the genre entirely revisited, between minimal electronic, wave, ambient and experimental.

12-inch LP, black vinyl + 5 inserts – lim. edition of 666 hand-numbered copies Thelema edition: first 93 copies on clear red vinyl + 5 inserts + stickers of the bands + poster (50×70).

Featuring: A”, Ad Absurdum, Ait!, Bastards Of Love, Echo West, His Divine Grace, Taciturne, Tyrkisk Pebber, Unidad Sasao and Wermut.