Treue um Treue: new release in september

Treue Um Treue will be releasing Charles De Frontanel’s new record, entitled Grotesque, in september.

The label boss of Grahn Geen-Yol’ Rec. (which recently started again in collaboration with Invasion Plan├Ęte Rec.) has been active since the end of the 70’s not only as a musician, but also as a writer and graphic artist.
His works are very much influenced by his own research in parapsychology (notably spiritism) and his macabre interest for biologic abnormalities. He made quite a name for himself in the occultist milieu when he bought what would become the infamous “Weird Cabaret De France”: an old French country house which he turned into a rest home for circus freaks, and where he regularly holds grotesque theatrical performances, blending sex, magic, philosophy and biological horrors.

A new masterpiece of weird and decadent minimal elektro, Grotesque tells the story of a troop of circus freaks, which at each performance put their audience face to face with the absurdity of our malformed world.

More information soon on the T.u.T./R.u.R. site.