Triumvirate: Heath Yonaites / The Sword Volcano Complex

Launched to much acclaim, the psycho-acoustic tapestries and deep ambient experimentalism of “Rim of the Sun” from burgeoning American artist Heath Yonaites has made its initial gravitational sweep of Sol, gained velocity with its sonic slingshot maneuver, and is now heading resolutely for the dark, unknown aural realms beyond the Oort Cloud. You can join this Kubrick haunted journey via the transport mechanism of this Triumvirate CD.

The graphics and audio for “Phosphorescent” by The Sword Volcano Complex are currently being finalized, with a projected release date of January 2003. Sharing characteristics with such unique performers as The Legendary Pink Dots, what upon first examination might seem curiously lighthearted or whimsical musical and lyrical expressions reveal with closer listening a darker, unsettling core of imagery and intent. “Phosphorescent” is the follow-up CD to the 2000 debut on World Serpent, and combines unique experimental electronics with high caliber musicianship. More information about these releases and other activities can be found at the Triumvirate website: