Turbund Sturmwerk debut re-release

Out on Loki Foundation, December 18:

    cd in digipack, Loki 36

    “Finally, after nearly 8 years this sensational album is returned to the homeland, manifesting once more the piercing effect of Turbund Sturmwerk. 6 stormy compositions–beautiful and poignant–linking the subtle concept with innovative sounds and arrangements. With this first album, a collection of tracks was compiled seeking independence and continuity of a musical style – Neurosemiotic Marching Tunes at it’s best. This masterpiece is a milestone of the post-industrial culture and affected the scene world-wide.

    The recordings were digitally revised and enhanced, so that they radiate now in a clean, insidiously pristine new light. Turbund Sturmwerk polarize calculated, set gauges and create music like a functional text – acoustic information as sophisticated reading. This introductory work is the often referenced catalyst within the Turbund Sturmwerk catalogue, bent on changing the expectations of the listeners, altering the norm and creating a manifesto for things to come.”