Twelve Thousand Days: new mcd

Martyn Bates‘ project Twelve Thousand Days has a new cd-ep out called At the Landgate on the Polish label Shining Day. It features songs from the same sessions as the forthcoming album From the Walled Garden will. The CD-Ep is limited to 200 copies. The tracks are: Christmas and May/Landgate/Once Loved.

"This is the latest missive from the otherworldly realm inhabited by Martyn Bates (Eyeless In Gaza) and Alan Trench (Orchis, Temple Music), the first since the splendid Devil In The Grain album and a taster for the forthcoming From the Walled Garden. Twelve Thousand Days have been playing live, and it shows; although this is a studio recording the sound is both immediate and delicate, with Bates’ sublime vocals shimmering over a cornucopia of plucked and blown instruments and ethereal guitars."