Unto Ashes: Grave Blessings

News from Kalinkaland Records:
Unto Ashes, the wave / medieval / apocalyptic folk ensemble from New York, are back with a new album: “Grave Blessings”.

coverExpect “sublime vocal harmonies and characteristically unorthodox instrumentation: hurdy-gurdy, dulcimers, cello, French horn, acoustic and electric guitars, and vast drums and percussion”.
Including The Cure’s venerable “The Drowning Man” (here performed on acoustic instruments), an apocalyptic folk version of “The Way of the World” (written by the influential, now-defunct Punk band Flipper), “Four Loom Weaver,” a rarely performed 19th-century Irish lament on starvation and finally a spectacular version of Qntal’s “Fr?hling” in which instruments from three continents (Appalachian dulcimer, church organ, and dumbec) are impossibly employed.
You can download a teaser.