upcoming album of Nebelhexe (Hagalaz Runedance)

Andrea Haugen (Hagalaz’ Runedance) will fron now on record under the name of Hebelhexe.
As she explains on her website: “After seven years of Hagalaz? Runedance, searching for the spirit of folk and medieval sounds and authentic instruments I felt the need to move on. […]I have revived my previous artist name Nebelhexe (meaning fog?witch), partly because I feel like going ?back to basics?, but I also found new reasons to revive this name.”

The new album “Laguz Within The Lake” will be released in April/May.
Andrea about this album: “I?m not sure how I would describe my new songs. I feel a lot of Hagalaz? Runedance is kept in the new songs, but I also think there are a lot of gothic influences, since 80?s gothic, industrial and synth pop inspired me very much. As a tribute to this era I have made a cover song of Lene Lovich?s Bird Song, my most influential song. I was just a child when I saw Lene Lovich sing this song on TV. The ghostly song and her gothic appearance? and I was mesmerized.”