upcoming new releases on The Fossil Dungeon

The following 3 new releases will be available from The Fossil Dungeon around 19. January 2004:

  • DAWN DESIREE – “Dancing, Dreaming, Longing…” CD
    The second solo release of vocal-piano artist Dawn Desiree’. “Dancing, Dreaming, Longing…” is an exhibition of Dawn’s angelic soprano voice accompanied by a myriad of ethereal piano compositions, electro-pop, darkwave, and ethnic influences that paint a rich cascade of emotional depth. Featuring session members from The Soil Bleeds Black.
    “Eternal,” evidences the bands’ growth into a more mature outfit composing captivating and memorable songs that will touch the heart of fans and the uninitiated alike. “Eternal” fuses synthpop-dance and heavenly voices with elements of wave, neo-classical / medieval, trip hop, electro / EBM, and ambient themes. Presented in a lavish black and white multi-panel digipak with silver ink and an exstensive booklet of lyrics and band photographs.
  • MIRABILIS – “s/t ” 7″
    Debut release from Mirabilis, a neo-classical ethereal vocal project presented by Dru of This Ascension and Summer of The Machine in the Garden. Mirabilis utilizes voice as the prime instrument of composition, borrowing from traditional and original classical, ethereal, darkwave, gothic, and medieval genres, to weave a tapestry of harmonic beauty. Featuring an exclusive track (“Pange Melos Lacrimosum”) and an alternative version of “An Epitaph.”