VAC rarities

To be released this week is the first part in a compilation series of rare tracks from Velvet Acid Christ. ?Between the Eyes Volume 1? will be followed by three more parts. Compiled on this disc are single tracks, unreleased versions and other rarities.

01. Futile [Nazi Bastard]
02. Disflux [Feedback]
03. Decypher [Force=Authority]
04. Decypher [Acid Revolution]
05. Dial 8 [Bound and Gagged by Din_Fiv]
06. Dial 8 [Barely Alive]
07. The Hand [Aggro Trash]
08. The Hand [cut Throat Psycho Rave]
09. We have to see, We have to know [Extended]
10. The Hopeless
11. Murder the World
12. The Dead
13. So Much