various Zeromoon releases

  • Andrey Kiritchenko interprets Second Violin – ?ve.cond sio.lin? 3? cdr
    This is the first release in zeromoon’s series of presenting out of print releases in a new context. Prepared violin and drawer played by Second Violin are reconstructed digitally by Andrey Kiritchenko. Stone age meets the digital age.
  • Rinus Van Alebeek – ?Kulissen Abriss? 3? cdr
    This is the first solo cdr release by Rinus, a long time taper savant and contributor to Second Violin. Weird and warm tape recordings capturing snippets from everyday life.
  • No Unauthorized – ?Invasion? mp3+jpg cover
    30 minutes of electropop/clash from 1987 with super sweet and sexy dual French girl singers, driving guitars and melodic keyboards. The latest installment in the zeromoon archival series, free for downloading.
  • Critical on compilation ?Total Time?
    Zeromoon artists Critikal is one of the groups featured on this new CD by NN Records (Russia). Other groups include Theodor Bastard, IDMOLOTOV, Denshi, Spies Boys, Idioritmik, Kotra, and more.
  • Normal Music on CD compilation ?iDEAL ELECTRONICS? (Sweden). Other groups on the CD include Marcus Wrang, C.P.U., Mokira, Claudia Bonarelli, Tsukimono, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.
  • Upcoming: Violet Shifts 3? (Frans De Waard/Jeff Surak), Cornucopia interprets Mystery Hearsay 3? and much more.

    More info @ Zeromoon, ‘difficult music for difficult listening’.