Vidna Obmana cd + concerts

The Belgian ambient project Vidna Obmana present a compilation cd: ‘Anthology 1984 – 2004’. Furthermore special concerts in Haarlem and Antwerp are on the program.

‘In the light of vidnaObmana?s 20th anniversary, we?re currently producing the first in an anthology series which also launches off vidna?s own label Ikon.Anthology 1984- 2004 is a global synopsis of his work dating back from day one up till now.
For the first ever, this anthology links vidnaObmana’s most succesful ambient period with his most obscure earlier phase. A period in his career that vidnaObmana refused to recognize up till a year ago when he realized that his experimental and noise phase created the foundation for what he has produced up till now. 12 selections which range in style from ambient music in the
vein of River of Appearance and his ambient Trilogy to harsh noise
electronics from the early 80’s.’

This debut release on Ikon is made in alliance with Projekt and scheduled for release early July 2004.


  • November 5th 2004 ? De Kracht van de Klank : dislocaties
    De Lichtfabriek (Haarlem, The Netherlands)
  • November 13th 2004 ? ?The troubled flame departed, having no
    more to say? Dante trilogy and DVD concert – Cultural Center Luchtbal (Antwerp, Belgium)