Vomito Negro

VOMITO NEGRO is no more,they splitted after finishing there last en probably best album ever made .
Al concerts are canceled and the new album is blokked.
greetings,qorkus berlin.

comment from the webmaster:
Due to circumstances Vomito Negro will not be able to do any concerts this year. This also affects the upcoming Bal Fatal Fest. The ‘official’ reason for the annulation is Guy Van Mieghem undergoing a surgical operation to reconstruct Guy’s left arm. This will be done in a short time, however the recovery of Guy Van Mieghem will take almost the rest of this year (2002) so he tells in a pressrelease that reached us before reaching the organisors… The forthcoming concerts will be delayed to the end of this (2002) year or the beginning of next year (2003).
source: Side-line website