Wetworksezine: 5th sound sampler and new mp3 label

The latest installment in the “Wet-Works Sound Sampler” series is out now and available for download from wetworksezine.com. It features 16 bands, including music from Agulha Negra, Amdeide, Anders Manga, Brainclaw, Fake, Fektion Fekler, Heliosphere, In Tenebris, Mind Altering Substance, Opaq Face, Pulse State, Sergeant Sawtooth, Stochastic Theory, UCNX, XP8 and v01d.

In related news the editor of Wetworks has started a small MP3/CD-R label called Infaction Records. The first release is out now and available for download. Their first release is a 9-track album from Noit Excev and is entitled “Aslieve.” You can download it now from archive.org.