While Angels Watch news

news from the While Angels Watch front:

“The last eight months have been spent writing and recording new material for a second album, ?Treasures of Treachery? (Eis038) ? as with ?Dark Age? before; Matt Howden produces and bows with my attendance at redroom. The album also features Patrick Leagas: the respected ex Death In June, Sixth Comm and Mother Destruction member, in a variety of roles. At this stage the album remains a work in progress. It will be released by another of my favourite labels, Eis & Licht, in June.

In April ?Still the Star Shines? an E.P. (in CD format) consisting of 4 tracks will be released on the new German label, Agalasta. It will enjoy a very limited pressing and could be seen as a bridge between the two albums.

In the meantime, several compilations should appear with the participation of While Angels Watch, the first of which ? ?Lust from the Underworld? (HCD02-2) ? is released at the end of January.

While Angels Watch intend to undertake a mini-tour of Europe during the summer, which will finally allow an audience to witness the band live.”