Wire: 19 interpretations

A Houseguest?s Wish is Words On Music’s 25th Anniversary tribute to the seminal WIRE song, “Outdoor Miner.” Words On Music has assembled interpretations by 19 artists from 5 countries into one stunning and diverse collection ? translating the song into versions ranging from folk to punk.

Featured appearances on this tribute include:

  • An acoustic excursion by Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin
  • Lush’s dazzling 1991 recording
  • A buoyant pop rendition by Typewriter (Lucy Show singer Mark Bandola)
  • Flying Saucer Attack?s fuzzed-out version from 1995
  • The Beach Boys-esque rendering by Kick On The Floods? the new project by For Stars singer Carlos Forster.
  • Plus versions by three Words On Music artists ? The Meeting Places, Fiel Garvie, and Should