World Serpent bankrupt

The longstanding UK label World Serpent has ceased trading. One of the artists distributed by WSD was Current 93. David Tibet has found a solution for his resulting financial problems:

“I will be selling my house, signed and numbered 1 of 1 copy, on eBay in the near future, with bids starting at ?93,939.93 pence. Internal circular plaques will point out where I sat, defecated and talked to myself whilst wildly gesturing at the sunset and unicorns; an inverted triangular plaque will mark where Steven and I fell out so badly we will never work again or speak to each other again. Furthermore, I will be leaving a copy of an unreleased C93 double album from 1995, ‘Black Ships Ate the Sky’, in a cavity in the house with a plan hidden in the garden to both find it and to give the successful house buyer full rights to release it.”

More background info about the World Serpent collapse in the news secion of Compulsion.