Woven Hand: 4th album

The latest release by David Eugene Edwards’ project Woven Hand is titled Mosaic. It’s out in Europe on June 19 (label: Glitterhouse).

North America follows in August (label: Sounds Familyre). The 4th Woven Hand album was recorded by Robert Ferbrache and contains 12 tracks. What can you expect?

“He doesn’t stray much from his signature sound: mournful, minor key dirges within which Edwards ruminates on his recurring themes of faith, the fallibility of man, and the folly of the non-believer. But on Mosaic he unleashes a maelstrom of intensity and conviction that is as captivating as it is deeply spiritual. This is it. The one. It’s magical, dark, mysterious, sinister and gorgeous.”

Sound samples can be heard at indigo.de.