Z Prochek: new EBM band

On June 21st Synapse Music unleashes Z Prochek’s debut CD, ‘In My Mind’. The 7 track EP is tailor-made for the dance floor, with remixes from Epsilon Minus, Colony 5, and Pride & Fall. The music features hard hitting beats, powerful chorus and insightful lyrics.

Hailing from northern Sweden, Johan and Martin met while in college, in the fall of 2000. Fusing elements of EBM, techno, trance and industrial Z Prochek transcends all boundaries. Their music is aggressive, emotional, danceable and truthful.

Z Prochek’s debut CD, ‘In My Mind’ is available directly from their North American label, Synapse Music. Their version of Klinik’s ‘Moving Hands’ is available for free download as well.