1999 – Midnight People

The Swedish label Release The Bats is doing great. For a time now they have been releasing the most obscure bands in the field of post-punk and related styles. This 7” is the debut by the new Swedish band 1999 and the best release from the label until now.

1999 plays rocking dark post-punk. Their music is more punk than Bauhaus and more gothic than Au Pairs. Both the A-side and the B-side are excellent. ‘Midnight People’ (the A-side) is an instant hit (and a modern classic in the genre?) or at least should become an underground hit. ‘Legends’ (the B-side) is somewhat less catchy but still very suitable for the alternative dancefloor.

This band is a revelation for everyone who thought post-punk was a dead and forgotten genre. 1999 plays post-punk in its pure form but it’s totally here and now.

artist: 1999
label: Release the Bats
details: 7”, 2 tracks [RTB #8]