4 Kaiserlein – Die Welt der Musik

Inside the sleeve is a little note from the label with excuses about the bad sound quality on the B-side. The old material could not be recovered any better. Well, in my opinion the A-side and the B-side don’t differ much in sound quality. Also, if you like your music produced very clean and clear you should not buy records from Was Soll Das Schallplaten anyway.

4 Kaiserlein released so far only music on a compilation during the 80’s on the famous ZickZack label. So, finally there is a real record by this band.
The music is minimal synth pop with a typical crazy 80’s NDW twist to it. The lo-fi sound quality just makes the music even more charming. If you are a fan or a collector of obscure 80’s electronic music you will just have to love it.

There are some real hits on the lp like ‘1. Liebe’ and ‘Leute’. But, also the more stranger tracks like the folkloristic ‘Einsam’ and the playful ‘Ermordet’ are excellent.
Another cult release by Was Soll Das Schallplaten, which is probably already sold out again…

artist: 4 Kaiserlein
label: WSDP (Was Soll Das? Schallplatten)
details: Lp, 12 tracks [WSDP20]