Aalfang mit Pferdekopf – Im schlachthaus bluhen die Blumen

Aalfang with Pferdekopf is a strange bandname, but fitting for an experimental act with improvised music. This German act has released a few cd-r’s, ‘Im Schlachthaus blühen die Blumen’ was their debut. It contains 3 long tracks, clocking in over 50 minutes. The music is dedicated to ‘Simon Hantaï, les abattoirs Toulouse & Octave Mirbeau’.

What you get is a collage of associative music, with many cut-up samples, varied percussion, scattered rhythms, strange clicks and other microscopic sounds. Sometimes you hear the beginnings of an ambient melody, but overall the compositions are not very focused and accessible. The first track ‘Yanonami’ has a ritual, eastern sound, though not very meditative beceause of its restless structure. The title track is more of an industrial soundscape with sounds of metal and steam, nightmarish voices, deep drones, quite nice and chilling. The third piece ‘Panta Rhei’ is dense and noisy and drives me mad. Interesting music for people with open ears and a strong stomach.

artist: Aalfang mit Pferdekopf
label: self-released
details: 3 tracks, 51 min. May 2004.